How (and where) to go geocaching around Buzzards Bay

Are you looking for a new way to get outside and explore Buzzards Bay’s special places? Try geocaching: a modern-day version of treasure hunting. Geocaching uses GPS technology to lead you to hidden caches at parks, along trails, and in cities and towns around the world.

Here in the Buzzards Bay region, there are hundreds of geocaching adventures to discover. Some are probably hidden near your favorite hiking spots, while others will bring you to brand new places. So grab your smartphone and sense of adventure, and get geocaching!

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is a fast-growing outdoor exploration activity that combines technology with good old-fashioned treasure hunting. For families, it’s a fantastic way to use smartphones to engage tech-savvy kids in outdoor exploration. All you need to get started is the Geocaching app. (Alternatively, you can visit a geocaching website and send cache coordinates to a hand-held GPS device.)

Caches are hidden containers that people place in public spaces under rocks, behind trees, and in other clever spots. These caches are then listed on geocaching websites (the biggest one is along with their GPS coordinates and a few clues to their location. Caches usually include a logbook and some goodies left behind by fellow geocachers.

Pick out a cache to hunt down, and then follow the clues and your GPS until you find it. Once you do, you can sign the logbook, take a trinket (and leave something new behind), and log your find through the app. Some caches are easy to find, while others require a few hours and a sense of adventure!

As you begin geocaching, you’ll likely learn something about the places you’re exploring. Geocachers often share informative details about history and ecology along with their cache listings – and hide their caches in places that will lead you to the most scenic, interesting, and unusual spots. It’s another reason why geocaching is an excellent way to connect with the outdoors in a new way.

Anyone can place their own cache on publicly accessible lands. Just make sure to ask permission from the property owner before you do so.

Where can I go geocaching around Buzzards Bay?

Two children geocaching on a farm in Maryland.

Geocaching is a fun outdoor adventure for the whole family,
and can be done any time of year. (Image: Chesapeake Bay Program/Flickr)

There are hundreds of caches hidden around the Buzzards Bay region, with more being added all the time. You can find a geocaching adventure at nearly every public park, trail, beach, and boat launch around Buzzards Bay. There are caches hidden at most of the Coalition’s reserves, including LaPalme Farm, Shaw Farm Trail, The Bogs, Tripps Mill, Horseshoe Mill, and even at our downtown New Bedford headquarters.

Here are a few more of our favorite places to go geocaching around the region:

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How (and where) to go geocaching around Buzzards Bay

Looking for a new way to get outside and explore Buzzards Bay’s special places? Try geocaching: a modern-day version of treasure hunting.

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