Westport Fishermen’s Association Merger

The Westport Fishermen’s Association (WFA) was founded in 1983 to serve as the Westport River’s grassroots advocate for clean, healthy water and marine habitats. In 2018, 35 years after it was founded, the WFA merged with the Coalition to sustain and grow its legacy of accomplishments.

History of the Westport Fishermen’s Association

The Westport Fishermen’s Association began in 1983 by a group of concerned fishermen, after sewage contamination closed the west branch of the Westport River to recreational and commercial shellfishing. These fishermen and other local citizens worked with the Board of Health and other state agencies to implement regulations and clean up pollution sources that once again allowed people to harvest shellfish from Westport’s waters.

Over the next 35 years, the WFA focused its advocacy efforts on the Westport River’s marine habitats, including its marshes and tributaries. The organization’s work helped improve water quality, protect fish passage, and prevent negative impacts on stream flow and habitat. The result was better fisheries and water quality for all of us.

The Coalition is continuing the WFA’s advocacy, science, restoration, and land protection work in Westport. The focus remains on reducing nitrogen pollution, primarily from residential wastewater, as well as restoring and protecting habitat for native migratory fish such as river herring and salter brook trout in the Westport River and its tributaries.

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