Each year, the Buzzards Bay Coalition releases several print publications that describe the state of Buzzards Bay, share our accomplishments, and show how people are making a difference for clean water. Browse and download our State of Buzzards Bay report, annual report, and Bay Current newsletter to learn more about our issues and our work.

cover of 2015 State of Buzzards Bay

Every four years, the Coalition releases the State of Buzzards Bay, a comprehensive review of the Bay’s health. Using indicators for water pollution, watershed health, and living resources, we generate an overall score.

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cover of the 2018 Buzzards Bay Coalition annual report

Read and download our latest annual report, which is released each winter to share our accomplishments from the past year with members and supporters.

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Stay in touch with what’s happening on and around Buzzards Bay by subscribing to our monthly email newsletter, The Bay Buzz.

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Explore our latest Bay Current newsletter, which is distributed each fall to share how members and supporters have helped made a difference for clean water in the past year.

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cover of Buzzards Bay Coalition Westport Rivers salt marsh loss report

The Buzzards Bay Coalition occasionally produces special reports that share advocacy news, research highlights, and successes to protect and restore the Bay.

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chart showing Buzzards Bay Coalition revenue and expenses in FY18

The tax documents and financial statements on this page share details about the Coalition's income, expenses, assets, and overall financial stability.

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Working to Save Buzzards Bay

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is a membership-supported organization dedicated to improving the health of the Buzzards Bay ecosystem for all through education, conservation, research, and advocacy.

We work to protect clean water on the Bay and on the land: