52 new places to explore around Buzzards Bay in the new year

With the change of the calendar often comes a renewed interest in visiting new places and discovering new experiences. What better way to embrace the new year than to explore new sights you’ve never seen right here in our own region?

From Westport to Woods Hole, here’s a handy list of 52 outdoor places you can explore in the new year. Some of these spots may be new to you, while others might be old favorites that you love to visit again and again. Using this list, you can visit a new place each week of the year!

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With so many places to explore in the Buzzards Bay region, you’ll never run out of ideas!

  1. Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge (Westport)
  2. Herb Hadfield Conservation Area (Westport)
  3. Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area (Westport)
  4. Brookside Conservation Area (Westport)
  5. Forge Pond Conservation Area (Westport)
  6. Horseneck Beach State Reservation (Westport)
  7. The Let Conservation Area (Westport)
  8. Allens Pond Wildlife Sanctuary (Westport)
  9. Destruction Brook Woods (Dartmouth)
  10. Parsons Reserve (Dartmouth)
  11. Slocum’s River Reserve (Dartmouth)
  12. Demarest Lloyd State Park (Dartmouth)
  13. Lloyd Center for the Environment (Dartmouth)
  14. Frank Knowles/Little River Reserve (Dartmouth)
  15. Knowles Reserve (Dartmouth)
  16. Paskamansett Landing (Dartmouth)
  17. Flora B. Peirce Nature Trail (New Bedford)
  18. Fort Taber Park (New Bedford)
  19. LaPalme Farm (Acushnet)
  20. Hamlin Crossing (Acushnet)
  21. Phoenix Bike Trail (Fairhaven)/Mattapoisett Rail Trail (Mattapoisett)
  22. West Island State Reservation (Fairhaven)
  23. Nasketucket Bay State Reservation/Shaw Farm Trail (Fairhaven/Mattapoisett)
  24. The Bogs/Tripps Mill (Mattapoisett)
  25. Brandt Island Cove District (Mattapoisett)
  26. Munn Preserve (Mattapoisett)
  27. Shoolman Preserve (Rochester)
  28. Church’s Field (Rochester)
  29. East Over Reservation/Leonard’s Pond (Rochester)
  30. Peirson Woods (Marion)
  31. Brainard Marsh (Marion)
  32. Westgate Conservation Area (Wareham)
  33. Tweedy and Barnes Conservation Area (Wareham)
  34. Horseshoe Mill/Birch Island Conservation Area (Wareham)
  35. William Minot Forest (Wareham)
  36. Agawam River Trail (Wareham)
  37. Great Neck Wildlife Sanctuary (Wareham)
  38. Onset Beach (Wareham)
  39. Lyman Reserve (Wareham/Plymouth/Bourne)
  40. Little Buttermilk Bay Woods (Bourne)
  41. Cape Cod Canal Bikeway (Bourne)
  42. Bourne Sisters Woodland (Bourne)
  43. Little Bay and Monks Park (Bourne)
  44. Four Ponds Conservation Area – Bourne Town Forest (Bourne)
  45. Red Brook Pond Conservation Area (Bourne)
  46. Lawrence Island (Bourne)
  47. Shining Sea Bikeway (Falmouth)
  48. Wing Pond Woods/Bourne Farm/Cardoza Farm (Falmouth)
  49. Chapoquoit Beach (Falmouth)
  50. Goodwill Park/Long Pond (Falmouth)
  51. Beebe Woods (Falmouth)
  52. The Knob (Falmouth)

Looking for more great outdoor destinations? Check out Discover Buzzards Bay, which contains more than 150 (and counting!) parks, trails, beaches, boat launches, and other outdoor places you can visit all year long.

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