10 spectacular spots to watch the sunset over Buzzards Bay

Watching a colorful sunset over the water is one of the best things about living by Buzzards Bay. Sunsets are beautiful all year long, but there’s something about the cool, clear air of fall that makes them especially great.

Today, on the autumnal equinox, the sun sets due west, offering a perfect view of the sunset over the Bay.

To celebrate the start of fall, we’ve compiled a list of 10 spectacular spots to watch the sun set over Buzzards Bay. Many of these places are on Buzzards Bay’s Cape Cod shore, which enjoys a westerly view. But even along the South Coast, you can find lots of fantastic locations to watch the sun sink into the Bay.

1. Cuttyhunk (Gosnold)

You’ll need to take a boat ride to enjoy the sunset from Cuttyhunk. But the trip is worth it. Cuttyhunk island – located at the eastern edge of the mouth of Buzzards Bay – offers an expansive west-facing view of the water. If you’re on a boat, catch the sunset from tranquil Cuttyhunk Harbor. On land, head up to Lookout Park – the island’s highest point – to see a stunning panoramic view over the Bay and Vineyard Sound.

2. The Knob/Quissett Harbor (Falmouth)

a group of people watching the sunset over Buzzards Bay from The Knob in Falmouth

Watch a spectacular sunset over Buzzards Bay from The Knob in Falmouth.

The Knob is one of Falmouth’s prettiest coastal places, offering an outstanding 360-degree view of the water. On a clear day, you can see across Buzzards Bay to New Bedford in the west, the Cape Cod Canal entrance to the north, and the Elizabeth Islands to the south from the lookout at the very end of the main trail.

To get to The Knob, you’ll travel down Quissett Harbor Road, which curves along Quissett Harbor. Dotted with sailboats and mooring balls, this west-facing harbor is another beautiful setting to watch the sunset.

3. Wood Neck Beach/Little Sippewissett Marsh (Falmouth)

Wood Neck Beach is well known to families in Falmouth as a great place to bring kids to swim and splash. But this west-facing Cape Cod beach is also a great sunset viewing destination.

Behind Wood Neck Beach lies Little Sippewissett Marsh, a spectacular natural salt marsh habitat. With a tidal creek meandering through the grasses, Little Sippewisset’s sunset view is often filled with wildlife that come alive during this time of evening.

4. Great Sippewissett Marsh (Falmouth)

To enjoy one of Buzzards Bay’s most scenic natural sunset views, you’ll have to hop on your bike. Great Sippewissett Marsh, an expansive salt marsh along the Bay’s eastern shore, is located on the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth. From Old Dock Road in West Falmouth, head down the bike path for about a mile, and you’ll be treated to a gorgeous view of the sunset over the sparkling marsh.

5. Chapoquoit Beach (Falmouth)

sunset over Buzzards Bay at Chapoquoit Beach in Falmouth

Watch the sun sink below Buzzards Bay from the sandy shores of Chapoquoit Beach in Falmouth.

There’s nothing like seeing the sunset at the beach, and Chapoquoit Beach in West Falmouth is an excellent destination to sit and watch the sun go down. Quiet Chapoquoit is one of Cape Cod’s western-most beaches, which means it has a prime sunset view over the Bay’s open waters. Bring a chair or a blanket and settle into the sand for a spectacular scene.

6. Little Bay (Bourne)

For a lovely sunset view, head to secluded Little Bay Conservation Area in Bourne. Sit on the beach and watch the sun set over Little Bay, a serene cove nestled in the upper part of Buzzards Bay’s eastern shore. For an even closer sunset experience, bring a kayak and glide along the bay’s tranquil shoreline as the surface of the water begins to glow pink, orange, and blue.

7. Cape Cod Canal (Bourne)

The Cape Cod Canal may be one of the most well-known places on this list, but we recommend it for good reason. With its southwest-facing view straight down Buzzards Bay, the Cape Cod Canal is an awesome spot to stop and watch the sunset. Take a late afternoon walk or bike ride down the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway and enjoy!

8. West Island (Fairhaven)

Head down to West Island in Fairhaven for one of the most wild and scenic sunset views on the South Coast. The rocky western side of West Island Town Beach is a fantastic place for a quiet stroll at the end of the day, especially in the fall.

9. Fort Taber Park (New Bedford)

Even in the city, there are awesome places to watch the sun set over the water. One of the best is Fort Taber Park in New Bedford, a public park with a sweeping view of Buzzards Bay, Clarks Cove, and New Bedford Harbor. No matter the time of year, Fort Taber is a prime destination to catch the sunset.

10. Gooseberry Island/Horseneck Beach (Westport)

rocky shoreline at Gooseberry Island in Westport at sunset

Catch a golden sunset over Buzzards Bay from the rocky western side of Gooseberry Island in Westport. (Image: Alexey Sergeev)

Horseneck Beach State Reservation in Westport is a go-to destination for a long walk on the beach, and sunset is prime time to visit. Hit the sand and take a two-mile stroll down the beach, enjoying the colors of sunset over crashing waves.

Like The Knob and West Island, nearby Gooseberry Island – part of Horseneck Beach State Reservation – juts directly into Buzzards Bay, offering an amazing panoramic water view. This rocky spit is another great place for a sunset walk.

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