Howland Marsh

For a short walk with big views, grab your camera or binoculars and head to Howland Marsh in Marion. This Sippican Lands Trust property provides a peaceful spot to discover the beauty of a Buzzards Bay salt marsh and the wildlife that call this place home.


boardwalk leading to marsh at Howland Marsh in Marion

The trail at Howland Marsh ends at a boardwalk, which allows you to get a close look at the salt marsh and its thriving wildlife.

Tucked into a quiet corner of Planting Island Cove, Howland Marsh features 9 acres of serene forest and salt marsh to explore. A boardwalk leads into the marsh, providing an intimate view that birders and nature photographers will love. Come here in the late afternoon to catch a gorgeous sunset over the marsh.


From the roadside trailhead, walk a short distance through the fern-filled forest until you reach the edge of the salt marsh. The trail ends at a wide boardwalk that allows you to get an up-close look at the marsh’s plants and animals. It’s a quick, 10-minute round trip, but one that’s loaded with delightful natural scenery. (Download trail map)

Habitats & Wildlife

Salt marshes are one of Buzzards Bay’s most productive and valuable habitats, which makes Howland Marsh a refuge for wildlife of all kinds. Look for birds such as oystercatchers, great blue heron, and ospreys hunting for fish and shellfish. Low tide reveals quahogs, oysters, mussels, and crabs among the rich mud flats by the water’s edge.

Property Owned By

The Sippican Lands Trust is a nonprofit organization founded in 1974 with the mission to acquire, manage, and protect natural areas in Marion for the benefit of the public. The land trust protects 1,350 acres that are open to all.

Size: 8.9 acres
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Parking: Roadside parking
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Dogs: Yes (under voice control)
Facilities: None
Boat Ramp: No
ADA Accessible: No

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Address & Contact Information
388 Point Rd.
Marion, MA 02738
41.697522, -70.730669

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Howland Marsh
Marion, MA
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