17 picturesque places to picnic around Buzzards Bay

A picnic in nature is a great way to spend time outdoors with the ones you love. Whether you’re looking to feast with family and friends or enjoy a quiet meal with a loved one, the Buzzards Bay region has some perfect places to picnic. Here are 17 of our favorites.

rocky shoreline at Gooseberry Island in Westport at sunset

Catch a golden sunset over Buzzards Bay from the rocky western side of Gooseberry Island in Westport. (Image: Alexey Sergeev)

1. Gooseberry Island (Westport)

Gooseberry Island gives nature lovers a unique outdoor dining experience with a waterfront view. Situated at the mouth of Buzzards Bay, this windswept island provides picnickers with the option of either a sandy beach or a rocky shoreline to eat on. These shores are the perfect place to lay out a towel and enjoy a snack – and maybe even to go for a dip if the water is warm enough!

2. Westport Town Farm (Westport)

If you are seeking a more traditional picnic experience, Westport Town Farm is the place for you. With 10 acres of rolling farmland with a view of the Westport River’s East Branch, it’s hard to call this place anything but breathtaking. Whether you want to sit in the grass or lounge at a picnic table, this beautiful historic farm has it all.

3. Paskamansett Park (Dartmouth)

A small wooded park along the Paskamansett River, Paskamansett Park offers picnickers a moment of peace. This is a lovely place to rest for an hour while you lie in the grass or lay out a spread on the park’s picnic table.

4. Betty’s Neck (Lakeville)

For a day filled with outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, geocaching, and bald eagle watching, Betty’s Neck is a great place to explore. Picnic tables at the edge of the property’s two fields offer a peaceful spot to start off with an energizing snack or finish your walk with an early dinner spread.

Fort Rodman and bike paths at Fort Taber Park in New Bedford

Fort Taber Park is home to Fort Rodman, a coastal military fortification built in the 1800s.

5. Fort Taber (New Bedford)

Want a history lesson to go along with your picnic? Fort Taber Park is another delightful destination for picnickers looking for a full, fun-packed day. After lunch, you can relax on the beach, cast a line off the fishing pier, or stop into the military museum to learn about the fort’s extensive history.

6. Hazelwood Park (New Bedford)

Hazelwood Park sits atop a grassy knoll with a sweeping view of Clarks Cove. Offering a wide lawn where kids can romp and play after lunch, this park is a fantastic place to relax with an afternoon snack and fly a kite high up in the blue sky.

7. Little Bay Conservation Area (Fairhaven)

Take a break from your pedal down the Phoenix Bike Trail to stop for lunch at Little Bay Conservation Area, located at the end of a one-mile offshoot from the main bike path. Take a seat at one of the picnic tables or benches along the path, or perch blanket on the concrete pier at the end of the path for a gorgeous meal overlooking rich salt marshes.

8. The Sawmill (Acushnet)

The Sawmill is a great place to connect with nature by enjoying a peaceful picnic. Head to the canoe launch overlooking the river, or sit in the stone amphitheater while you gaze at the park’s wildflower meadows. You might spot turtles, fish, osprey, bald eagles, or even a river otter having an afternoon snack of its own!

9. Munn Preserve (Mattapoisett)

a man and a dog on a large rock at the Munn Preserve in Mattapoisett

Take a seat atop Whale Rock and enjoy the view of Brandt Island Cove and Buzzards Bay at the Munn Preserve.

Munn Preserve is a picnic spot that everyone in the family can enjoy; older adults or families with small children will love its easy access along a long, flat road that ends at the glimmering waters of Brandt Island Cove. Once there, picnic atop Whale Rock, a large flat rock with lots of space to spread out! Even canine friends can come along and splash along the shore. This hidden gem is an outstanding location for an evening picnic, with a beautiful view of the sunset over the water.

10. Ned’s Point (Mattapoisett)

The wide, flat lawn of Ned’s Point would be a perfect place for a picnic on its own — but throw in a panoramic view of Mattapoisett Harbor and a lighthouse built in 1838, and you have the ingredients for an amazing afternoon. The park is also a popular place for kayaking, fishing, and outdoor yoga in summer.

11. Mary’s Pond (Rochester)

Known for being a great freshwater fishing spot, Mary’s Pond also offers a quiet paradise for those looking to picnic. This kettle pond is home to a variety of beautiful native plant and animal species, including ospreys and waterfowl. Stop here for a shoreside picnic or hop into a canoe and enjoy a meal from the middle of this peaceful pond — there’s nothing like lunch with a 360-degree water view!

12. Lionberger Woods (Rochester)

At Lionberger Woods, you can make a picnic part of your walk through forests, streams, and cranberry bogs. Both of the property’s loop trails end at picnic tables with gorgeous views: picnic on the East Loop for views of a stream or stroll the Raven Loop to reach a table overlooking a private cranberry bog. We recommend hitting the East Loop in spring and summer, when the streams are teeming with frogs, and the Raven Loop in the fall or winter when the cranberry bog is at its most vivid red.

13. DePina Landing (Marion)

A picnic table in the trees by the Sippican River at DePina Landing.

Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy by the shores of the Sippican River at DePina Landing in Marion.

Take off on a canoeing or kayaking adventure from DePina Landing, a peaceful wooded launch located where the Sippican and Weweantic Rivers meet. Picnicking paddlers can enjoy a meal at the property’s tables, nestled in a small grove surrounded by stately pine trees.

14. Washburn Park (Marion)

Washburn Park is a hotspot for all things outdoors in Marion. From walks through woods and wetlands to baseball fields and horseback riding, there’s more to do than just picnic at this park!

15. North Water Street (Wareham)

Looking for somewhere to bring take out from one of Onset Village’s many delicious restaurants al fresco? Take a walk to North Water Street Beach, a small beach tucked into a residential neighborhood. With views of the town’s famous Stone Bridge, this strip of sand is a great spot to catch a sunset, watch the birds, and grab some fresh air — just make sure to check the tides before you head over, because much of this beach disappears at high tide!

16. Buzzards Bay Recreation Area (Bourne)

Whether you are looking to ride a bike, fish, or simply admire the view of the Cape Cod Canal, Buzzards Bay Recreation Area is the place for you to visit. Lounge by the canal’s iconic railroad bridge after exploring the Cape Cod Canal Bikeway. Enjoy the view of boats and barges passing through the canal as you sit in the grass or at a picnic table.

Salt marshes along Wild Harbor River at Quaker Marsh Conservation Area.

Take in a view of the headwaters of Wild Harbor River from Quaker Marsh in Falmouth.

17. Quaker Marsh Conservation Area

Though this parcel is small, Quaker Marsh Conservation Area offers a dazzling view of one of Wild Harbor River’s rich salt marshes. Take a seat on the stone bench for a solitary lunch or spread a blanket on the grassy lawn with friends and take your time watching the birds flock to the marsh for a meal of their own. If you want to burn off your meal afterwards, wait for high tide to launch a kayak and meander west through the beautiful Wild Harbor River, which will take you all the way out to Buzzards Bay.

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