Decision Makers Workshops

The Buzzards Bay Coalition periodically offers free workshops for decision makers in government, business, and agriculture. These workshops provide real-world solutions for people whose daily decisions affect the health of Buzzards Bay and the local environment.

2019 Workshops

Optimizing Performance of Large Nitrogen-Reducing Septic Systems & Small Package Treatment Plants

Thursday, May 2, 2019
Noon – 4:30pm with optional field tour of West Island treatment plant at 5:00pm
Buzzards Bay Coalition, New Bedford

Wastewater represents the largest source of nitrogen pollution to our coastal waters in Southeast New England, and reducing these nitrogen inputs are critical to ensuring the health of these waterways. This two-part workshop will highlight what every wastewater treatment plant operator, Title 5 system inspector, and soil evaluator needs to know in order to optimize performance of large denitrifying septic systems and small package treatment plants. (Download event flyer for more information)

  • Part 1: Operating and Maintaining Large Denitrifying Septic Systems: What Operators Need to Know to Optimize Service and Performance
  • Part 2: Package Treatment Plants: How to Make Them Work

Wetlands Protection: Writing Effective Orders of Conditions & Passing Local By-Laws to Better Protect the Bay

Monday, May 13, 2019
8:00am – 12:30pm
Massachusetts Maritime Academy – Bay State Conference Center

For Conservation Commissions and Agents in the Buzzards Bay watershed and beyond, the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act (WPA) and Regulations have provided a critical statutory and regulatory framework for the protection of our sensitive wetland resource areas. Implementation of the WPA is a challenging job that requires Conservation Commissions to write effective Orders of Conditions to protect our wetlands and waterways to the fullest extent possible under state law. Failure to issue well-written orders can result in appeals and adverse impacts to water resources.

While the WPA has been key to protecting wetlands throughout the Commonwealth for decades, it is limited in scope. Passing wetland protection by-laws with supporting regulations provides communities with the opportunity to set their own reasonable standards for wetlands protection based on local environmental needs. Communities with local wetland protection by-laws are empowered to better protect wetlands and waterways on a regular basis and in the event of an appeal. This workshop will provide Commissions and Agents with the tools needed for enhancing wetland protection through writing more effective Orders and passing meaningful wetland protection by-laws. Case studies from the Buzzards Bay watershed will provide lessons learned from recent wetland appeals and decisions under the WPA. (Download event flyer for more information)

2018 Workshops

Solutions to Nitrogen Pollution: Installation of Nitrogen Reducing Septic Systems

This two-part series showcased real-world solutions to Buzzards Bay’s largest source of nitrogen pollution, septic systems. Participants learned about two Coalition projects to upgrade traditional residential septic systems with nitrogen-reducing technology.

April 4: West Falmouth Septic System Upgrade Demonstration Project

West Falmouth Septic System Upgrade Demonstration Project

April 17: Layer Cake Demonstration Project in the Buzzards Bay Watershed

Layer Cake Demonstration Project in the Buzzards Bay Watershed

Working to Save Buzzards Bay

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