In Your Neighborhood

Beyond your own property, there are many ways you can protect clean water in your community. With a few simple actions, you can make a difference for the health of the environment in your neighborhood, town, or city. Here are 5 easy ways you can help your community become more Bay-friendly.

1. Vote for Clean Water

  • Vote for policies that will protect clean water in your community.
  • Attend your next town meeting and support initiatives that reduce pollution and conserve land.

2. Pick Up Trash and Waste

  • If you see trash on the street, a park, or the beach, clean it up!
  • Pick up your dog’s waste when you’re walking in the neighborhood. Not only is this polite for your neighbors, but it will keep harmful bacteria and nitrogen pollution out of the water.
  • Volunteer at a trash cleanup in your town, community, or at a local beach. If there isn’t one, then organize one yourself!

3. Keep Storm Drains Clear

  • Never dump anything down a storm drain. Storm drains go straight to our nearest waterway, usually without any treatment.
  • If you see a storm drain that’s covered with leaves or snow, clear it so stormwater runoff can flow properly.

4. Spread the Word

  • Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about what they can do to help Buzzards Bay and the environment. Clean water is important to all of us, so let’s all do our part to protect it.
  • Join a community group that works to protect parks, beaches, and the environment in your community. If one doesn’t exist, start one yourself!

5. Get Outside

  • Discover your Buzzards Bay at a beach, park, or nature preserve near you. There are hundreds of places to do and things to do in our region, so enjoy it!
  • Attend an outdoor event with the Coalition or another local conservation group. Through hikes, paddles, and bike rides, you can explore the Bay, meet new people, and connect with places across the region.

Take Action

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Working to Save Buzzards Bay

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is a membership-supported organization dedicated to improving the health of the Buzzards Bay ecosystem for all through education, conservation, research, and advocacy.

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