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Gary Johnson is passionate about cycling, whether it’s through the salt marshes and cranberry bogs of Buzzards Bay, or the mountains and fjords of Norway. He’s training for his 13th straight Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride, having participated in every ride since 2009. He rides for team “Chi Lodge” with lifelong friend David Kibbe.

Gift Membership Membership in the Buzzards Bay Coalition is the perfect gift for someone who loves the Bay and its watershed lands. It’s also great for the Bay.

Ann Parson loves riding her bike around Buzzards Bay. As a science writer, Ann is passionate about the environment, and participating in the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride is one of her ways to support the environment while giving back to her community. She rides with team “ReThink Plastic” along with co-captains Leslie Knowles and Jeff Gonsalves.

A life-long love of the water led Lee Hayes to plan a legacy gift to the Buzzards Bay Coalition that will continue his support and commitment to the Bay and land conservation for years to come.

The Buzzards Bay Coalition has been busy over the past 34 years.

The biggest threat to the Westport River, and all of Buzzards Bay, can’t be seen. Nitrogen pollution is invisible. But it’s effects are easier to see, and the documentary “N-visible” shows some of the problems it creates—cloudy water and algae blooms, eroding salt marshes, and a declining shellfish population.