Mock Moraine Trails & Eaton Preserve

Find natural history and local history side by side at Mock Moraine Trails and Eaton Preserve, where the remnants of Falmouth’s earliest Quaker settlement sit among rocky Ice Age-era terrain. Enjoy a refreshing hike up and down moderate hills crisscrossed with stone walls at this 300 Committee preserve.

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Tall white pine trees around the glacial bowl at Mock Moraine Trails in Falmouth

On the north end of Mock Moraine, a striking grove of tall white pine trees towers over a shallow glacial bowl.

Named for its previous owners, the Mock family, the Mock Moraine Trails run along the western edge of the Falmouth glacial moraine. This land’s glacial past has left it furrowed with hills, from gentle slopes to steep ascents, which allow hikers of all experience levels to choose the intensity of their walk. These inclines and the trails’ many boulders also make this a popular spot for mountain biking.

Mock Moraine contains Falmouth’s oldest Quaker cemetery, which was started when Quakers first settled in Falmouth in the 1600s. The property also has a granite post that marks the location of the town’s first Quaker meeting house.

Mock Moraine expanded in 2007 to include Eaton Preserve, named after its former steward, Betty Eaton. This added 6.3 acres on Mock Moraine’s south side, where you’ll find the scenic Eaton Overlook trail and an additional trail entrance at the eastern end of Blacksmith Shop Road.


Start your walk at the Mock Moraine Trails from the parking area at the end of Stagecoach Way, a dirt road that branches from West Falmouth Highway, or from the end of Friends Way (a private road with no parking). The Friends Way entrance leads directly past the cemetery and meeting house marker. The trails at Mock Moraine often loop back on each other, so bring along a map to keep yourself oriented. (Download trail map)

As you meander up and down Mock Moraine’s hills, look for the large glacial boulders beside and sometimes in the middle of the trails, deposited by passing glaciers. No matter which paths you choose in the trail network, we recommend making your way to the northeast corner of the property. Here, you’ll find yourself on the edge of a striking glacier-carved bowl ringed by towering white pine trees.

Habitats & Wildlife

Mock Moraine’s thick undergrowth is great habitat for small mammals, from squirrels to chipmunks and rabbits. The preserve is also home to many birds, and is a great place to spot different species of woodpeckers.

Passing glaciers during the last Ice Age shaped this section of Falmouth, known as the glacial moraine. The large boulders you see along these trails were carried into place by melting ice, while the deep pine bowl likely formed when ice broke off the glacier and melted into the ground.

Property Owned By

The 300 Committee is a nonprofit land trust dedicated to preserving natural lands in Falmouth. Since 1986, The 300 Committee has helped protect more than 2,300 acres for conservation, recreation, and water protection.

Size: 26.7 acres
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Parking: Medium unpaved parking area at Swift Park; small unpaved parking area on Stagecoach Way
Trail Difficulty: Intermediate
Dogs: Yes (on leash)
Facilities: None
ADA Accessible: No

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Address & Contact Information
Stagecoach Way
Falmouth, MA 02540
41.603970, -70.630966
The 300 Committee: (508) 540-0876

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Mock Moraine Trails & Eaton Preserve
Falmouth, MA
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