Bull Island

Take a peaceful picnic or just stretch your legs on Bull Island, nestled inside Naushon’s Hadley Harbor. The Naushon Island Trust grants access to the privately owned island, providing a perfect mini-adventure for boaters stopping into this Elizabeth Islands outpost.


Small floating dock at the pier attached to Bull Island, in Naushon's Hadley Harbor.

Pull a boat up to the small pier at Bull Island to enjoy a picturesque stopoff in Hadley Harbor.

Bull Island resides in protected Hadley Harbor at the eastern end of Naushon Island. Whether you’re looking for a walk, to bird-watch, or to stop on shore for a picnic and a sunset, this little island is a great destination to enjoy the view of passing boats and the picturesque, tree-lined shores of Naushon.

Boaters entering the harbor should stick to the center of the channel, as there are no buoys past the red nun and green can that mark the entrance of Hadley Harbor. Watch carefully for ledges and shoals, especially during low tide. Hadley Harbor is a popular spot, and day or overnight moorings in the inner harbor are free; get there early to snag a spot, as they are first-come-first-serve. Boaters can also drop an anchor along the north side of Bull Island, or in the shallows north of Goats Neck. Dinghies and paddle crafts can land directly on Bull Island’s shoreline, or at the small floating dock on its southern side.


Take some time to enjoy the wooded landscape, mixed rock and sand shoreline, and gorgeous harbor views visible on the trails around Bull Island. One of the best trails leads around the rocky and sandy perimeter of the island, providing 360-degree views of Hadley Harbor in less than a half hour of exploration.

Additional footpaths meander from the shore through the island’s forested center. We recommend walking the trail that starts from the small dock on the south side of the island and leads to its western edge, ending in a beautiful grove of birch trees that overlooks a small, sandy beach. This western point is a particularly lovely place to take in a sunset.

Habitats & Wildlife

Though small, life thrives on Bull Island. Coyotes and foxes can be spotted here, both onshore and swimming between the islands in search of resources. Friendly garter snakes call Bull Island home, as well as many insects and birds. 

The waters of Hadley Harbor are full of ocean life, including sea stars, whelks, crabs, and shellfish. In the winter, keep an eye out for harbor seals and wintering waterfowl! 

Property Owned By
Naushon Island Trust
Hours: Dawn to dusk
Parking: None
Trail Difficulty: Easy
Dogs: Yes
Facilities: Dock (floating)
Boat Ramp: Shoreline (sand and rock)
Lifeguards: No
ADA Accessible: No

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Address & Contact Information
Gosnold, MA 02543
41.512366, -70.702692

Please follow all posted rules and regulations at this property.

Bull Island
Gosnold, MA
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