Swimmer Spotlight: A Family Tradition with the Buzzards Bay Swim

We sat down with father son duo John and Justin Nyweide as they prepare for the 2024 SWIM.

BBC: How did you first become involved with the Coalition and what inspired you and your father to participate in the Buzzards Bay Swim together?

Since 2018, we’ve been swimming together in the annual Buzzards Bay Swim. It’s a tradition that has become a highlight of our year and a perfect way to stay connected with each other and the beautiful waters of Buzzards Bay. Thanks to the efforts of the Coalition, we’ll continue to enjoy our annual Swim tradition – and we hope in a few years the next generation will join us!

For us, the Swim is the perfect motivation to:

Create a fun and memorable annual father-son tradition
Stay motivated to get in the pool during the bleak Chicago and Boston winters
And, of course, enjoy the 8am beer and pancake breakfast!

The Buzzards Bay Swim offers us an opportunity to bond over a shared challenge, celebrate our achievements together in a unique way, and reminds us of the importance of preserving and enjoying our natural surroundings. The rewards go beyond the finish line.

BBC: When you’re not swimming, what’s your favorite way to enjoy the Bay and its watershed?

Every summer, we spend hours in the Slocums River with our family. We love sailing, kayaking, swimming, and floating in tubes on the water. It’s a wonderful way to relax, enjoy nature, and appreciate the beauty of the Bay and its surrounding areas.

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