Spreading the love through riding and volunteering

Lizanne Campbell will be riding in her 10th Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride in 2022. Like every year, she’ll also be volunteering at the Ride, helping cyclists check-in early and sharing her love of the event with them.

Lizanne Campbell crossing the finish line at the 2015 Watershed Ride

Enjoying the view. “Buzzards Bay is such a beautiful place to ride! I love to ride along water, any water. I love to ride on Mattapoisett Neck where I live, especially at the end where you can see Nasketucket Bay and Buzzards Bay and in the other direction where you can see Molly’s Cove, Swift Brook, Mattapoisett River, and the marsh. I love seeing it at low tide and at high tide. And the new section of the bike path is absolutely beautiful. My family and I cannot wait until it is completed and we can ride into town.”

Embracing the challenge. “The Watershed Ride is an absolutely beautiful ride and very well organized. This will be my 10th ride, the first being in 2012 (I took a pass in 2020). I have done all 3 distances (35, 75, and 100). I love the challenge of the longer distances and the comradery of the people with whom I ride. It was pouring rain in 2012 and very windy in 2013 and I still loved it!”

Volunteering for good. “I have volunteered for the Ride and the Swim since 2015.  It is great to help the riders, swimmers, and to support the Coalition’s employees. This year I was a kayak escort for a 1st time swimmer. As I looked out over the start during the singing of the National Anthem, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude as all of the people there were doing good for the environment.”

Supporting the cause. “The Coalition is a vital organization for all of the communities surrounding our beautiful Buzzards Bay. Being able to raise money for the Coalition is such a privilege.”

Lizanne Campbell is the 1st Vice-Chairperson on the YMCA Southcoast Board of Directors and an active volunteer with the Buzzards Bay Coalition.

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