Riding and writing for the environment

Ann Parson loves riding her bike around Buzzards Bay. As a science writer, Ann is passionate about the environment, and participating in the Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride is one of her ways to support the environment while giving back to her community. She rides with team “ReThink Plastic” along with co-captains Leslie Knowles and Jeff Gonsalves.

Ann Parson riding down the Shining Sea Bikeway in Falmouth

Favorite rides. “Riding is great exercise, and there’s always interesting vistas around Buzzards Bay. I live in South Dartmouth, and one of my favorite routes is to go over Padanaram Bridge to Smith Neck Road, and loop around there. The Harborwalk is also a favorite, it has added a lot for riders because it hooks up to the Blue Lane over to Fort Taber.”

Fixing problems. “I always found fundraising difficult, but that was before I started doing the Watershed Ride. I really want to raise money for the Coalition. Mark [Rasmussen, Buzzards Bay Coalition President] and staff are so dedicated and really get things done. I remember one of the first things I heard Mark saying was that the Buzzards Bay watershed is actually quite small and manageable compared to other watersheds around the country. We have very identifiable problems that can actually be treated, and raising money goes straight towards easing these problems.”

A dedicated team. “Our team began as ‘Straws Suck’ when people started realizing that plastic straws are really bad. That year, we saw so many straws on the road, so it was obvious that we were named right. Now we have rebranded as ‘ReThink Plastic‘’ since it covers so much more than just straws. We’re trying to focus this year on the ‘Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act’ legislation that’s under review now. If it gets passed it’ll be fantastic!”

Supporting the environment. “I’m a journalist and have always written about environmental issues (note: check out her recent piece in the Boston Globe about Cobscook Shores in Maine). Environment is huge to me as a writer and a rider.”

Ann Parson is a science writer who has published several books and whose articles are published nationally.

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