Doggett Brook Farm Legacy Preserved

Over ten years ago, The Buzzards Bay Coalition began keeping careful watch on the nearly 60 acres of fields along Doggett Brook on the south side of Route 105 entering Rochester.  In May 2021 Buzzards Bay Coalition moved quickly to purchase and permanently protect the Doggett Brook Farm property from development. This May,  the property was sold to Ken and Dee Elliot, a brother and sister who currently farm with their family in Lakeville and will continue their family’s farming legacy at this Rochester property. As part of the sale, the Buzzards Bay Coalition stipulated two conservation restrictions on the property that limit development, protect the farmland and water resources, and will allow for a public hiking trail down to the brook.

The property’s agricultural fields, stream-front wetlands, and its mixed hardwood and pine woodland occupy a strategic location in protecting wildlife habitat and clean water. Doggett Brook flows through the southern end of the property on its way to the Sippican River and Buzzards Bay. Protection of these lands will play an important role in supporting fish and wildlife habitat in the brook and keeping clean water flowing to the Bay.

“Our family is thrilled to be the proud new owners of Doggett Brook Farm, which allows us to nearly double our acreage in vegetable production. We’ve hit the ground running this spring.  We arrived on the farm just in time to plant 10 acres of pumpkins and winter squash, which will be harvested this fall. Next season, we intend to expand production from 10 acres to 30 acres to include sweet corn and mixed vegetables.  We are committed to the conservation and stewardship of Doggett Brook Farm, and we hope that our agricultural activities will enrich the town of Rochester and the community members we serve.” Deanna Elliot

Rochester’s character comes from its rich mix of historic farmland, dense woodlands and wetlands, deep reserves of groundwater, and clear streams flowing to Buzzards Bay. The Doggett Brook Farm property sits amidst nearby protected conservation lands, including the Rochester Land Trust’s Church Wildlife Conservation Area; the Lincoln P. Holmes Memorial Woods, owned by the Wildlands Trust; and the Haskell Swamp Wildlife Management Area, owned by the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game. Protecting the farm property will enhance those investments and expand habitat for a wide variety of species.

Buzzard Bay Coalition’s work supported by Rochester Land Trust will forever preserve the land as part of Rochester’s rich legacy of farm, woods, wetlands, and clean water.

“This project protects a treasured open vista while at the same time protecting the water resources of Doggett Brook and protects land for sustainable farming in the future.  We are proud of this partnership with the Rochester Land Trust and the Elliots.”  Brendan Annett, Vice President Watershed Protection, Buzzards Bay Coalition

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