Woodcock Walk

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Friday, April 22, 2016
7:00pm - 8:00pm
Shining Sea Bikeway
Shining Sea Bikeway
1 Woods Hole Rd.
Falmouth, MA 02540

A bird walk not to be missed! With spring’s arrival comes the annual courtship ritual of the American Woodcock. At dusk, these reclusive woodland birds make their way out of the woods to an open field. Males strut, call, and launch themselves into the air in a wide, sprialing flight from which they whirr, twitter and zigzag back to earth. Hopefully, all this work pays off when a male wins a female’s attention.

Park just before 7:00 pm at the Locust Street lot for the Shining Sea Bikeway (near T3C’s office), cross Woods Hole Road on the crosswalk, and meet as a group by the big rock/bench at the beginning of the stretch of bike path headed towards Woods Hole.

We will walk for a few minutes down the bike path togetherto a spot along the path where we will be able to hear and with luck, see, woodcocks displaying. For the April walk, there will be a FULL MOON, but bring flashlights just in case. Dress very warmly! Spring evenings can be chilly. Finish by 8:00.

Drizzle or driving rain will cancel the outing.

Cost: Free

For more information:
Phone: (508) 540-7652
Hosted By: The 300 Committee
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birders on Shaw Farm Trail in Fairhaven

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