How Healthy is Your Water?

Cranberry bogs dominate the rural landscape around the Wankinco River, which winds south from Myles Standish State Forest in Carver all the way to Wareham Village. There, the Wankinco River and the Agawam River merge to form the Wareham River, one of Buzzards Bay’s largest river systems. Together, the Wankinco and the Agawam contribute nearly 10% of the fresh water to Buzzards Bay.

Wankinco River Snapshot

Supporting Data

Wankinco River: Parker Mills Pond (Station MP1)
Nitrogen, dissolved oxygen, algae, and water clarity measurements taken from the pond edge at the Elm Street bridge. (41.767448, -70.722141)
Total Nitrogen
Dissolved Inorganic Nitrogen
Total Organic Nitrogen
Dissolved Oxygen
All Measurements
Average of Lowest 20%
Algal Pigments
Total Pigments
Water Clarity
Yearly Average
Bay Health data is funded in part by the Massachusetts Environmental Trust.
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