2023 Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride Volunteer Hub

Thank you for volunteering at this year’s Ride! All volunteer job descriptions are linked at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions, please email ban@savebuzzardsbay.org.

Overall Info

Buzzards Bay Coalition Volunteer Info Sheet
Watershed Ride Volunteer FAQ
Woods Hole Volunteer Parking & Directions
Turn By Turn Course Guide

All Volunteer Job Descriptions

Pre-Ride Job Descriptions
Early Check-In
Route Marking
Route Sign Distribution

All Start Lines Job Descriptions
Early Check-In Attendance
Bag Check

Overall Ride Job Descriptions
On The Road Volunteers
Pop-up Tent/Tables/Banners Team

Support and Gear Job Descriptions
Bike Marshal Volunteers

Rochester Lunch Stop Job Descriptions
Lunch Stop Volunteer

Woods Hole Finish Line Job Descriptions
Bike Valet
Cyclist Concierge
Merchandise Tent
Rider Tent

2023 Watershed Ride Timeline

2023 RIDE Volunteer Plan.xlsx – Sheet1