Acushnet River Reserve expands with protection of 9 riverfront acres

With the help of Acushnet voters, the Coalition has protected another 9 acres of land on the Acushnet River, growing the popular Acushnet River Reserve network of public places where people can explore and enjoy the outdoors.

Acushnet River at Hamlin Street

The newest addition to the Acushnet River Reserve is a 9-acre riverfront property on Hamlin Street, located across the river from the historic White’s Factory.

The Acushnet River Reserve includes two popular outdoor spots in Acushnet: The Sawmill, which opened as a public park last fall, and LaPalme Farm, a 47-acre former dairy farm with a peaceful trail that leads to the river. Together, these two places protect clean water in the Acushnet River and provide places for people to get outside to walk, fish, paddle, and explore.

The newest addition to the Acushnet River Reserve is a 9-acre riverfront property of fields and woods on Hamlin Street. It’s located across the river from the historic White’s Factory, the ruins of one of the first cotton-spinning mills in the country. With the protection of this property, the Acushnet River is now protected on all sides at the Hamlin Street crossing.

The Coalition will own and manage this land, remove an old house and sheds, restore a field, and develop trails and river access – just like at The Sawmill and LaPalme Farm.

Residents of Acushnet helped save this land at Town Meeting last month, when they voted to contribute town Community Preservation funds toward the project. The Coalition is seeking grants and private donations to cover the costs of site restoration.

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