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This spring, the Weweantic River will be the site of an event that hasn’t happened there in nearly 200 years: migratory fish will swim unimpeded from Buzzards Bay to lay their eggs in fresh water upstream. That’s because the Buzzards Bay Coalition is removing a crumbling dam, the remnants of a 19th-century iron works, at our Horseshoe Mill property in Wareham. 

Mark Rasmussen, Buzzards Bay Coalition President and Buzzards Baykeeper®

Mark Rasmussen is the president of the Buzzards Bay Coalition and Buzzards Baykeeper®

Thanks to the strong support of more than 10,000 members across our region, your Buzzards Bay Coalition made some great strides in 2019. As a supporter, you know that Saving Buzzards Bay is accomplished through ongoing pollution cleanup, focused land protection, active restoration, and community engagement — in projects and initiatives like the ones described below.

I’m proud to share this list of 10 of our greatest accomplishments from 2019. You can count on us to continue to work on these and more great projects to Save Buzzards Bay in 2020. You can help support these projects by making a year-end contribution to the Coalition today.

There are few places left on Cape Cod like the land south of West Falmouth Harbor, where acres of sparsely developed salt marsh sprawl out among forest, shrub-filled heath, and sand dunes. A land deal secured by the Buzzards Bay Coalition and The 300 Committee Land Trust will help ensure this unique and beautiful landscape continues to sustain vitally important habitat.