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You don’t have to go to a tropical setting to have an incredible island adventure. Though they may not have palm trees or coconuts, these 12 islands around Buzzards Bay do have beautiful views, fascinating histories, and exciting adventures to take on.

Persistent advocacy by the Buzzards Bay Coalition has yielded a resolution for a chronic source of nitrogen pollution to the Bay. First in Town Hall, then with state and federal agencies, and finally in court, the Coalition employed a range of science and advocacy tools to end a now 49-year-old sewage leak.

Population counts of river herring were up in three of Buzzards Bay’s most important rivers — the Agawam, Acushnet, and Mattapoisett Rivers — during spring 2019, according to data collected by the Coalition, the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries (DMF), and other local groups. These small, silvery fish form an important link in the food chain, and these increases are encouraging. But rising numbers don’t mean that the work to protect river herring has ended.

Aiyana Monteiro, age 10, is knee-deep in water off the beach at Onset’s Burgess Point, and she’s caught something: she splashes triumphantly towards shore with her fist in the air, closed around a massive blue and gray shell. Once onshore, she proudly announces that she knows what it is — she recently learned that this type of shell holds a type of clam called a quahog.