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Bird Walk
Emma Tripp Landing

Launch a kayak or small boat from Emma Tripp Landing to explore the East Branch of the Westport River. This small town landing is a great place to begin a paddling adventure or go quahogging with your family, all while surrounded by the unique estuary habitat of the lower Westport River.

New Bedford Waterworks

Discover a peaceful beech tree forest and remarkable freshwater views at New Bedford Waterworks, part of the protected Assawompset Pond Complex. This City of New Bedford-owned property not only protects an important public drinking water supply, but also offers one of Rochester’s nicest walks.

Barges Beach

Barges Beach is part of Buzzards Bay Coalition’s Cuttyhunk Reserves and located just off the ferry dock on Cuttyhunk Island. Local history and natural beauty come together on Barges Beach, a one-of-a-kind barrier beach on the east end of Cuttyhunk Island. Explore the remains of 14 wooden barges emerging from the sands as you explore, swim, and fish from the cobble and sand shores of this publicly-accessible beach.

Great Herring Pond Boat Ramp

Launch a boat from Great Herring Pond Boat Ramp, in Bourne, for a day of fishing and exploring on one of the largest and most ecologically significant freshwater ponds in upper Buzzards Bay. This small state-owned boat ramp is a great place to launch paddle crafts or shallow draft boats, as well as a popular fishing spot.

Note: The Town of Plymouth issued a cyanobacteria advisory for Great Herring Pond on July 31, 2020. At this time, swimming in the pond, or drinking from it, are strongly discouraged.