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It’s easy to see the appeal of exploring Buzzards Bay from a boat or a beach— but you may be surprised by how much more the Bay has to offer just below the surface! With the help of just a mask and a snorkel, anyone can get familiar with the fishes and crabs, snails and sea stars hiding on sandy bottoms, in seagrass meadows, and along rocky coastlines. Don a pair of fins for the maneuverability to explore, or laze on a float to relax as you appreciate these marine vistas.

If you and your kids are new to snorkeling and want to get familiar with the sensation, look out for one of our Learn to Snorkel events during the summer!

Aiyana Monteiro, age 10, is knee-deep in water off the beach at Onset’s Burgess Point, and she’s caught something: she splashes triumphantly towards shore with her fist in the air, closed around a massive blue and gray shell. Once onshore, she proudly announces that she knows what it is — she recently learned that this type of shell holds a type of clam called a quahog.

The Coalition is launching a full schedule of free outdoor activities for the summer, aiming to connect people to outdoor fun on Buzzards Bay and its watershed lands.

It’s beach season, and there’s nowhere better to be than Buzzards Bay! From sandy spots to rocky shores, Buzzards Bay’s coast is lined with beaches where swimmers, boaters, and families can jump into the Bay’s cool waters.

We think all of Buzzards Bay’s beaches are special. But a few stand out as particularly great destinations to enjoy the sand, salt, and surf. Here are ten Buzzards Bay beaches we love, listed in order from west to east. Some of these are crowd favorites, while others are hidden gems waiting for you to discover.

As the temperatures climb, we’ll look for any way to spend a day at the beach and get in the water. If you’re looking for a new way to cool off from summer’s heat, snorkeling in Buzzards Bay provides just the ticket! Here’s everything you need to know to go snorkeling in Buzzards Bay this summer.