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Life in the Buzzards Bay region in summertime is all about the water. Rowing is a great way to enjoy what makes summers around Buzzards Bay special. These five rowing clubs offer the opportunity to learn how to row, meet new people, get some exercise, and appreciate our local waters. Whether you’re looking for competition, socialization, or fitness (or all three!), there’s a rowing club in the Buzzards Bay region for you!

Do you want to make a difference for Buzzards Bay? Then become a Coalition volunteer! You can help out at events, water testing, outdoor cleanups and trail work, education programs, and more. If you want to have fun, meet new people, and share your skills and passion, learn about our volunteer opportunities and sign up today!

Please note: 2022 Baywatchers, Adopt-a-Reserve, and Ride opportunities remain open for volunteer registration. If you are interested we encourage you to sign up for one of these programs. Keep an eye out for new volunteer opportunities that we will be offering in the coming months in our monthly volunteer newsletter, sign up today by filling out an online application.  Email the Coalition staff if you have any questions.

To get started as a volunteer, please fill out our online volunteer application.