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The Buzzards Bay Coalition works to build stronger connections to our local environment through programs and workshops like our award-winning Baywatchers water quality monitoring program, our free Decision Makers Workshops, and youth programs for schools and groups. Learn more about these programs and workshops, and get involved with our work to save Buzzards Bay.

More than 30 years ago, local residents sounded a warning that the health of their beloved Buzzards Bay was failing. These early efforts to save Buzzards Bay from the harmful effects of pollution led to the formation of the Buzzards Bay Coalition. Decades later, a Coalition of community members continues to work tirelessly to protect clean water in Buzzards Bay for everyone.

Nestled at the head of Buzzards Bay, the town of Wareham is inextricably linked to the water. Each summer, people flock to Wareham’s 54 miles of coastline – places like Onset Beach, Swifts Neck Beach, and Buttermilk Bay – to go swimming, fishing, and boating. Two of Buzzards Bay’s largest rivers – the Wareham River and the Weweantic River – thread through Wareham on their way to Buzzards Bay.

Maybe it’s Buzzards Bay’s rocky shorelines, where salty waves gently roll across pebbly sand and shattered scallop shells. Or maybe it’s our secluded harbors and coves, dotted with sea birds and sailboats and fringed by windswept salt marshes. Perhaps it’s our communities, each with its own distinct personality – some sleepy, others lively, all familiar to those who call them home. Or it’s the way Buzzards Bay is nestled into a nook of New England that’s off the beaten path of tourists heading to Boston, Newport, and Martha’s Vineyard.

There’s something special about our Bay that pulls in the people who live here: not just its beautiful beaches and fresh seafood, but the sense that you’ve found a hidden gem where you belong – and that you want to protect.

If you live near Buzzards Bay, then you’ve probably eaten a clam or two in your life. But have you ever tried to dig your own quahogs?