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Pulaski Park

Family-friendly fun awaits in the fields and forest of Pulaski Park, located in New Bedford’s North End. This town-owned park offers a basketball court and a broad meadow perfect for picnicking, as well as a mile of scenic walking and wildlife spotting along the Ross C. Mathieu Nature Trail.

On a cool day last spring, Coalition Outdoor Exploration Coordinator Rebecca Vasa stood in front of a group of New Bedford fourth graders at the Sea Lab Marine Science Center and asked a seemingly simple question: “Who here has visited Buzzards Bay before?”

Without fail, whenever Vasa asks her Sea Lab students this question, only one or two students raise their hands. The fact is, most of these students have been to many locations around Buzzards Bay — but they have never truly connected their local beach, pond, or stream with Buzzards Bay, or with the marine ecosystem right in their backyards.

Monument Beach Marina

Monument Beach Marina in Bourne provides a one-stop destination for boaters to explore the harbors and shores of upper Buzzards Bay. This town-owned marina lies next to a beach, a public boat ramp, and a community boating center, making it a perfect launching point for all types of on-the-water fun.