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When the days grow short, nature offers consolation: an amazing light show that takes place every clear evening. It’s a display that can inspire awe and impart a sense of peace for those who take the time to look. And best of all, it’s free, apart from the psychic cost of venturing out into the chill of the evening.

You need more than six feet of space between people to follow today’s social distancing guidelines from public health authorities. It helps to also have acres of fresh air, peaceful wooded trails, spirit-restoring beaches, and bracing breezes. Lucky for us, we’ve got all of that in abundance here around Buzzards Bay.

Time to GET OUTSIDE! – ALL Buzzards Bay Coalition reserves are open.

Despite clear orders from the Town of Mattapoisett and from multiple courts, a local property owner has refused to restore the half-acre of wetland and buffer zone that he illegally filled. The Coalition and Mattapoisett don’t intend to give up on restoring this important resource, however.

Weepecket Islands

Discover island adventures on the untamed shores of the Weepecket Islands! The Naushon Island Trust permits public access to the beach on the largest of these three islands, where you can enjoy unrivaled coastal solitude on the clear waters of outer Buzzards Bay.