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Skylah Reis spent the summer just seven miles from home but a world away from where she grew up. And during those ten weeks, the New Bedford native helped to launch the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s new, long-term role in protecting and managing the unique lands and habitats on Cuttyhunk Island.

Mark Rasmussen, Buzzards Bay Coalition President and Buzzards Baykeeper®

Mark Rasmussen is the president of the Buzzards Bay Coalition and Buzzards Baykeeper®

SAVE Buzzards Bay. You see it on bumper stickers on cars, boats, and tackle boxes around the region, and on a big banner down the side of our downtown New Bedford headquarters. But what does it really mean beyond being a catchy slogan?

The fight for clean water is a gradual, powerful movement that builds over decades. Saving Buzzards Bay means tireless dedication to our mission, intense focus on the issues that matter most, and big goals that may seem impossible until they’re done. It’s accomplished through projects like the ones below, which the Coalition focused its energy to advance over the past year.

Your outstanding commitment to our success makes achievements like these possible. Although so much remains to be done to protect and restore the Bay’s health, I’m proud to share with you some of our greatest accomplishments from 2018.

We’ll continue to work on these and more great projects to save Buzzards Bay in 2019. You can help support these projects by making a year-end contribution to the Coalition today. (We’ll even send you one of those bumper stickers.)

The Coalition and the town of Wareham have received a $350,000 grant from the Massachusetts Seaport Economic Council to restore the historic Onset Bathhouse to serve as the headquarters for the Coalition’s developing Onset Bay Center.

What happens when the Weweantic River’s rich populations of migratory fish – river herring, eels, white perch, and more – reach the crumbling remnants of a dam at the head of tide, where salt water meets fresh?