How Healthy is Your Water?
41.545443, -71.000781 41.534667, -70.978174 41.58573718, -70.99016739 41.569162, -71.005351 41.51727803, -70.96803459
Inner Slocums River
One sampling station: SR1
Outer Slocums River
One sampling station: SR4
Paskamansett River
One sampling station: PKR1
Slocums River – Head
One sampling station: SR5
Slocums River – Mouth
One sampling station: SR6


Become a Baywatcher

Help the Buzzards Bay Coalition keep an eye on the health of the water in your community. Become a Baywatcher, and you can volunteer as a "citizen scientist" on the water this summer.

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Top Stories on the Slocums/Paskamansett River

An expert’s guide to spring fishing on Buzzards Bay

Take advantage of warming waters and hungry migrating fish with these fishing tips from Tom Richardson, creator of New England Boating, New England Fishing, and Explore New England.

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U.S. EPA issues nitrogen pollution cleanup plan for Westport Rivers

This long-awaited nitrogen pollution cleanup plan, called a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL), sets a course for action to restore clean water, abundant eelgrass beds, and healthy marine life in the Westport River.

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Where are our TMDLs? After four years of waiting, Buzzards Bay waterways still don’t have promised state pollution limits

After more than three and a half years, we’re still waiting for the final pollution limits needed to take action to protect and restore the Westport Rivers and several other waterways.

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Working to Save Buzzards Bay

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is a membership-supported organization dedicated to improving the health of the Buzzards Bay ecosystem for all through education, conservation, research, and advocacy.

We work to protect clean water on the Bay and on the land: