Board of Directors & Leadership Council

The Buzzards Bay Coalition’s work to protect clean water is guided by a volunteer board of directors hailing from across the watershed. The Leadership Council consists of community members who provide expertise, contacts, and resources that help us achieve our mission.

Board of Directors

board and staff of the Buzzards Bay Coalition

Members of the Buzzards Bay Coalition’s board and staff gather to view Coalition projects across the watershed.

Board Officers

  • Laura Ryan Shachoy, Esq., Chair, Marion
  • Samuel Gray, Vice-Chair, Wareham
  • Russell Keeler, Treasurer, Rochester
  • Scott Zeien, Clerk, Cataumet
  • Tom Gidwitz, Past Chair, Dartmouth
  • Mark Rasmussen, President, Fairhaven

Board Members

  • Michael Angelini, West Falmouth
  • Andrew Dimmick, Cataumet
  • Weatherly Dorris, Woods Hole
  • John Harwood, Esq., Westport
  • Melissa Haskell, Dartmouth
  • Mike Huguenin, Mattapoisett
  • Tally Garfield, Dartmouth
  • Chris Neill, PhD, Falmouth
  • Hilary Prouty Vineyard, Mattapoisett
  • Steve Smith, Mattapoisett

Leadership Council

  • Margie Baldwin, Marion
  • Rob Beams, Mattapoisett
  • Philip Beauregard, Esq., New Bedford
  • Pam Beck, Little Compton, R.I.
  • Simone Bourgeois, New Bedford
  • Jono Billings, Bourne
  • Peg Brandon, Falmouth
  • John Bullard, Westport
  • Derek Christianson, Dartmouth
  • Beth Colt, Woods Hole
  • Dan Cooney, Marion
  • Trudy Coxe, Jamestown, R.I.
  • David Croll, Marion
  • Winna Dean, Onset
  • Alison Durant, Dartmouth
  • Joanne Fallon, West Falmouth
  • Laurell Farinon, Acushnet
  • John Farrington, PhD, Woods Hole
  • Larry Fish, West Falmouth
  • Seth Garfield, Cuttyhunk
  • Anne Giblin, PhD, Falmouth
  • Tim Gillespie, Westport
  • Kirby Gilmore, Rochester
  • Jessica Harris, Marion
  • A. Lee Hayes, Bristol, R.I.
  • Andy Herlihy, Dartmouth
  • Lucius T. Hill, West Falmouth
  • Jordan Hitch, Dartmouth
  • Gary Johnson, Mattapoisett
  • Leonard Johnson, Falmouth
  • Kat Jones, Onset
  • David Kaiser, Mattapoisett
  • Morris Kellogg, Dartmouth
  • Jeff Lafleur, Plympton
  • Sarah Laird, Westport
  • Mary Ellen Lees, Dartmouth
  • Bill Locke, Cataumet
  • Lloyd MacDonald, Esq., Dartmouth
  • Fred Makrauer, M.D., Falmouth
  • Brendan McCarthy, Mattapoisett
  • Mary McFadden, Esq., Wareham
  • Kendra Medina, Marion
  • David Modest, Pocasset
  • Michael Moore, PhD, Marion
  • Susan Morse, Quissett
  • Hugh Morton, Westport
  • Jon Mueller, Esq., Annapolis, Md.
  • Elizabeth Munro, Cataumet
  • Tom Niles, Falmouth
  • James Rathmann, Westport
  • Chris Reddy, PhD, Falmouth
  • Jack Reynolds, Westport
  • Cathy Roberts, Mattapoisett
  • John Ross, West Falmouth
  • Timothy Shields, Marion
  • Steve Smith, Assonet
  • James C. Smith, MD, Falmouth
  • Jay Swent III, Cataumet
  • John Vasconcellos, New Bedford
  • Brad Wakeman, Fairhaven
  • John Waterbury, PhD, Woods Hole
  • Tom Wheeler, West Falmouth
  • David Wojnar, Acushnet
  • George Woodwell, PhD, Woods Hole
  • Curt Worden, Dartmouth
  • Sherbie Worthen, Wareham

Working to Save Buzzards Bay

The Buzzards Bay Coalition is a membership-supported organization dedicated to improving the health of the Buzzards Bay ecosystem for all through education, conservation, research, and advocacy.

We work to protect clean water on the Bay and on the land: